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TIASA Titânio das Américas SA was created in 2010 to produce titanium dioxide, by processing an ilmenite deposit in Floresta (PE), as well as a chemical processing plant at the petrochemical complex of Camaçari (BA).

In the company's laboratory, a new sustainable titanium dioxide production route was developed, already patented, and with proven viability after tests in the pilot plant.

Titanium dioxide is a white inorganic pigment widely used by the paint industry, plastics and even for the production of sunblocks due to its physical property of shielding sunlight radiation.

Brazil imports about 130,000 tons per year of this product and manufactures only 50,000 tons. TIASA intends to replace part of these imports. In the first phase, the company will have an installed capacity of 15,000 tons/year and expects to triple production in the next 10 years.

The project is in its initial stageand is expected to start operating in 2023.

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