Generation and commercialization of renewable energy

Sensatto Energia operates in the Brazilian renewable energy generation sector, through hydro, wind and solar projects. Between operational assets and projects, the company has a total potential of over 800MW around Brazil.


Sensatto Energia operates the SHP São Tadeu, in Mato Grosso, which has an installed capacity of 18MW. In addition, the company also has 3 hydroelectric projects with a total electrical potential of around 100MW.

  • SHP São Tadeu
  • HPP Juruena
  • SHP Alto Chopim
  • SHP Rancho Grande


Sensatto Energia has two solar power plants in operation in Minas Gerais that have 10MW of installed capacity. Both operate according to the distributed generation model and have energy sales contracts with telecommunication companies.

  • Buritizeiro
  • Andrômeda


Sensatto Energia is studying and developing wind projects in Bahia that, when added together, have a potential of 700MW, differentiated performance when compared to existing operations in the market.

  • Ventos da Serra Verde
  • Ventos da Serra Negra

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