About Us

Sensatto Investimentos

Founded by members of the Tavares de Melo Group, a family-owned group already in its fifth generation, with over 100 years of history, Sensatto Investimentos incorporates all its culture and business experience, suported by the performance in several sectors of the Brazilian economy and the creation of some of the most relevant companies in the country.


To generate constant returns to the shareholders through conscious investments, always fostering family unity and adding value to the society and the environment.


To become a reference in the operating sectors.


Unity, commitment, ethics, credibility, and dedication focused on entrepreneurship, sustainability, individual development, and social responsibility.

Sensatto Investimentos


  • (81) 3071-7234

  • Av. Antônio de Goés, 60 - Sala 1802
  • Pina, Recife - PE


  • (65) 3626-5990

  • Av. Histo. Rubens de Mendonça, 2000

  • Jd. Aclimação, Cuiabá - MT

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