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- The family's trajectory begins in 1920, when Artur Tavares de Melo acquires the Olho D'Água Mill (sugar cane mill), in Camutanga (PE).


- The family expands its business, aiming to conquer new segments, with the foundation of Indústrias Alimentícias Maguary, a brand that representes the excellence in the production of juices, fruits and other foods.


 - In order to expand the sugar business, the Tavares de Melo family acquires Estivas sugar and alcohol mill.


– Grupo Tavares de Melo founds Giasa, the first independent distillery in Brazil, becoming a national reference in this segment.


Aiming to diversify its product line, the ice cream division is created, resulting from the creation of Kibon Sorvane, a 50/50 Joint Venture between Maguary and Kibon (Philip Morris Group).


– Aiming the expansion of the sugar and ethanol operations, the group acquires the Passatempo Farm in Mato Grosso do Sul to build the Passatempo sugar and ethanol mill.


- In order to readjust its portfolio, the Tavares de Melo Group sold Maguary to Souza Cruz (B. A. T.).


- Still focused on developing the business in the sugar and ethanol segment, Grupo Tavares de Melo acquires Usina Maracaju (sugar and ethanol mill) in Mato Grosso do Sul.


- Identifying a business opportunity, the Group executes the acquisition of Dupé (footwear), starting the manufacture of rubber sandals.


- Aiming at diversification, the group develops TECAB - Cabedelo Storage Terminal, for bulk liquid storage.


- With the growth and consolidation of the global ice cream market, Unilever acquires Tavares de Melo Group's stake in Kibon Sorvane, marking the group's exit from the ice cream industrial segment.


- Aiming to conquer new segments, the company starts investing in the American real estate market in Florida. 


- As a result of a strategic realignment of the Grupo Tavares de Melo, all sugar and ethanol plants were sold to Louis Dreyfus (Biosev), and Dupé was sold to São Paulo Alpargatas, owner of the Havaianas brand, a move that represents the beginning of a new phase.


- Aiming to venture into new sectors, some members of Grupo Tavares de Melo founded Sensatto Investimentos, purchasing Maguary and merging it with DaFruta, resulting in the creation of EBBA (Empresa Brasileira de Bebidas e Alimentos).


- Sensatto Investiments begins to dedicate itself to the Mining sector, investing in the development of an innovative and environmentally sustainable method for the production of titanium dioxide. 


- Raising the level of complexity of activities in the real estate market, the group began to appreciate the development and management of real estate assets. Another achievement of Sensatto Investimentos marks this new position: the acquisition of the 1809 Brickell building, in Miami (FL).


- EBBA's turnaround attracted the attention of major players worldwide, which led Sensatto Investimentos to sell it to BritVic. 


– Entry in the solar energy segment, by investing in the construction of two solar power plants in Minas Gerais, totalling 10MW of installed capacity.


– Aiming to making business more dynamic, Sensatto makes its first investment in hydro energy with the purchase of SHP São Tadeu, in Mato Grosso, with installed capacity of 18MW.


Acquisition of Artsquare Apartments, in Hallandale (FL), a multifamily apartment with 358 units, which represented Sensatto Investimentos' expansion in the segment.


- Focusing on the growth of its investments in the Hydro Energy sector, Sensatto purchased SHP Alto Chopim and SHP Rancho Grande power plant projects, both in Paraná, and Hydro Plant Juruena, in Mato Grosso, which together add up to an electrical potential of around 100MW.

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